Sunday, January 01, 2006

Aurora Balaji Temple

Today is 1-st day of the year setup little early around 11 am to wish happy new year to everyone I know here, I don't have great number of friends circle here though and decided to go to Aurora Balaji temple with my uncle this its like another routine weekend day.

Aurora Balaji temple is some 15 min drive from my apt, must say this is the only south Indian resembling temple AFAIK in and around Chicago. Prayed for the well being of every one I know. swami dharshan was excellent. Swami allangaram (decoration)for Balaji and Siva were excellent. My uncle and aunt had volunteers themself in temple activities . so i was waiting in near by place. suddenly i saw lakshman.he worked with me in hyerabad. was talking with him for some time. total of 7000 plus devotees have visited the temple so far (as of 4.30 pm.could touch 10 k)

Balaji temple canteen tought me this .A exclusive south indian restaurent could be a huge hit, if taste and variety are maintained. Its worth mentioning here that a few restaurents i went, i could differentiate between a plate and chappathi, a few color rices, hmm they are here called biriyani's OMG american subs and burger's are far better than this desi torture.


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