Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Developer time

When I entered college, I started to go to sleep later than usual normally at 3 or 4 am, and this trend peaked a few years ago when I was working in hyderabad and bangalore, evening and night It was an awesomely productive time that is often required but unfortunately very hard on romantic relationships; luckly / unfortunately i didnt have any believe me. When I polled among my friends, most of them looked at me like what kind of kinky guy is he. My theory is that when a developer works on code and 'enters the zone', it creates such a powerful rush that only mental exhaustion is enough to permit sleep. Since a healthy human can survive on 5-6 hours a night for months on end, a developer in the zone will tend to work into the night, where there are few interruptions, and then crash when fatigue sets in. After 5-6 hours have passed, the cycle is repeated. I'd love to see atleast one person who fall into the 'Night Owl' category like me.


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